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Filament Profiles I Use

Whenever someone reaches out with a print issue, my first suggestion is usually to calibrate your filament. I can make a video showing exactly how I do that, but in the meantime, I figured I'd just show you the settings I use for Overture and Hatchbox filaments since those are primarily what I use!

These settings were calibrated on a Bambu Lab X1C, so they may vary depending on your printer.

Overture Matte PLA

Overture Matte PLA 1.pngOverture Matte PLA 2.pngOverture Matte PLA 3.png

Hatchbox PLA (Matte and Non-Matte)

Cooling and Setting Overrides are the same as the Overture settings.

Hatchbox PLA 1.png

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have questions about calibrating your filament!


Niels Hamelryck

Hi. I've noticed in the Vase No.2 you have a lot of settings, I'm guessing specific to the Vase, but no such settings for The Wave or MCM.

I'm having trouble with some of the vases that I print, leaking water. Within 24h the compartments are filled with water, the vases are heavier due to that, and very slow start leaking, releasing some water for weeks on end.

Can you help out? I've tried setting extra walls, wich works but increases load a lot. I was hoping for some kind of 3-4 walls on the

Niels H

inner tubing. And only keep the 2 on the outside? Maybe also have some wall wiping so that the seam has some extra overlap? The vases are a big hit and are selling hard at the moment with dried flowers, but I don't want customers complaining soon because they used it with cutlings and its leaking all over.

Maybe we can integrate a small hidden glass tube in the vases? Like you did for the propagation vase? Kind regards for the help!