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Logan L

Ancient Pokeball JoyCon Can Grip

Remix Model
Ancient Pokeball JoyCon Can Grip 3d model
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5 Likes8 DownloadsMay 23, 2023

Ancient Pokeball Joy Con Grip Can Cup

DESCRIPTION This 12oz Can Cup is a remix of my Pokeball Joy Con Grip Can Cup, updated in the style of the Ancient Pokeballs from Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It has slots on the side to attach Nintendo Joy-Con controllers so you can enjoy a nice cold beverage while hunting for all those shiny pokemon or playing any of your other favorite switch games.

The design is a remix of My Pokeball Joy Con Grip Can Cup, which was a remix of MandicReally's Warped Pipe - Nintendo Joy Con Grip 12oz Can Cup found @ created in collaboration with MandicReally.

The Ancient ball portion of the model is a combination of my own designs and a few elements taken from the Arceus Pokeball model by Thinair3d.

Designed for a standard 12oz can with a 66m Diameter but can also accept most 16oz cans provided they do not have a sticker as a label.

INCLUDED FILES: STEP File Pokeball Joy Con Grip Can .STL .STL for an adapter sleeve to fit 58mm cans

PRINT PARAMETERS: Supports required underneath ring and latch only. Prints beautifully at a .2mm layer height I run them at 60mm/sec, 40mm/sec on the outer layer with 3 walls and 15% infill I recommend making sure that Ironing is disabled as it produces a less than desirable layer near the bottom of the print that is quite noticeable.

POST PROCESSING: Joy-Con Grips may require sanding for optimal fit, I use a flat jeweler's file which works great. I have found that in most cases this is dependent on the filament.


5 Likes8 DownloadsMay 23, 2023

5 Likes8 DownloadsMay 23, 2023