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Vyke bust - Elden Ring (Pre-Supported)  *New Release*

Vyke bust - Elden Ring (Pre-Supported) *New Release*

Greetings friends

Vyke, Knight of the Roundtable Hold

Iron armor singed and blistered by fingers.

Worn by Vyke, knight of the Roundtable Hold.

No other Tarnished was closer to the throne of the Elden Lord than Vyke. But without announcement, Vyke traveled far below the capital, and was scorched by the flame of frenzy.

Model now available for all tiers

3D sculpt by the awesome Dante Zuck

Printing Tips

Resin printing

The model comes pre-supported for resin users. Support service by the great Charro Zuck.

Supports_Print.jpgResinPrint.jpgSupports, Resin print and photography by Charro Zuck.

FDM printing

FDM users will have to use supports to his shoulder piece and to the elbows to the back side. Very easy print overall.

Thank you all for the support and the wishes during this hard time that my family is in.

Stay tuned for my news post in a little bit