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May Lineup

May Lineup

Greetings friends

Last day of the month, so as always i am announcing the lineup for May.

Imperius bust (Diablo)

Imperius.pngImperius, the archangel of Valor, is the greatest warrior in all of creation. He revels in war and combat and has led the hosts of Heaven to innumerable victories. With Malthael's absence, it is Imperius who now rules over the Angiris Council, seeking always to defend the High Heavens from any foe.

Higgs bust (Death Stranding)

higgs.pngHiggs Monaghan, also known as The Man in the Golden Mask, is the main antagonist of the 2019 sci-fi open world action adventure video game by Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding.

Helldivers 2 B-01 tactical armor soldier (Dante Zuck commission)

vlcsnap-2023-05-24-13h09m15s052-1684958962834.pngA Helldivers 2 bust with the B-01 tactical armor sculpted by Dante Zuck

Half Angel Half Demon Original sculpt

An original concept made by me portraying a half angel , half demon bust .

Thank you all for your support for yet another month, it means the world to me