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Higgs bust - (Pre-Supported) *New Release*

Higgs bust - (Pre-Supported) *New Release*

Greetings friends

Higgs from Death Stranding is now available for all tiers

Higgs acted as the figurehead of the militant separatist group known as the Homo Demens to maintain the independence of Edge Knot City on Amelie's behest until he is defeated by Sam and left stranded on the Beach by Fragile.

Printing Tips

Resin printing

The model comes pre-supported for resin users. Support service by the great Charro Zuck.

Supports_Print.jpgResinprint.jpg   Supports, Resin print and photography by Charro Zuck.

FDM printing

FDM users will have to use supports to his chin and the overhang to the back of the scanner arm. The model is split to 3 pieces and supports will be needed for the scanner piece as well. To assemble the scanner all you need is a drop of glue.

supports.pngsupports2.png  Support suggestions

I hope you like him.

During the day i will also release Dante Zuck's Helldivers bust as well, and im also working on the last release of the month which is going to be a fallen angel bust piece for mint condition and mint partners tiers.

Thank you all for your support