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New File Alert! T-60 Power Armor Helmet

New File Alert! T-60 Power Armor Helmet

Hello Everyone! I am back from vacation and ready to get creating again, first up with a quick dive back into Fallout!

This is our interpretation of the T-60 Power Armour helmet from Fallout 4 with a few creative points taken from the Amazon TV show.

This is a very large print however the split version has been sized to fit on a Bambu sized printer with no real issue at 100% scale.

As with all our helmets, this has been scaled to a 24" diameter head however I'd recommend taking a slice of the neck seal to ensure you are happy with the fit.

In total, this build is 19 pieces and includes channels for running electronics into the light and an opening in the mouth piece for some ventillation.

This model was more designed as a display piece however it absolutely can be worn.

Modelled by @Danny.G3D with input from myself.

As always, thank you for your support

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