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New File Alert! Judge Dredd Helmet - Dredd 2012

New File Alert! Judge Dredd Helmet - Dredd 2012

Good morning everyone!

This is a helmet I've wanted to make for a while and pushed myself into it to try and get stronger at different types of modelling. (However, my version wasn't as good so I worked with Danny on this one instead!)

This is our take on the Judge Dredd helmet from the movie Dredd (2012).

This model is quite simple but scaled around a 24" diameter head and is uploaded as a solid and split version for easy scaling.

The front badge area is separated off as well to make printing easier and I recommend adding custom supports to the X on the top of the face opening to better support this piece.

For those of you with smaller printers, I have also included a split version, however I fit the 100% scale helmet on my P1P with no issues.

Using a simple welding shield, you can recreate the visor simply by heating up and forming the plastic accordingly!

I'm really feeling some of the more weird, cult classics to go with some of the more mainstream releases. Please let me know what sort of things you want to see next!

Modelled by @Danny.g_3d with input from myself

As always, Thank you for you support.

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