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New File Alert! Alliance Foot Soldier Armour - Warcraft

New File Alert! Alliance Foot Soldier Armour - Warcraft

Good afternoon everyone!

Mondays can definitely be a bit of a downer so I figured why not release a cool new set?

This model set is our take on the Alliance Foot Soldier from the 2016 Warcraft movie.

This is a very complex set with a large amount of plates meant to be layered over one another and by leaving the plates individual, it can be easily scaled up or down to match your height.

The helmet also has a spot for a plume to be attached to mimic that horse hair look with simple adhesives used to secure it in place.

All of these prints are in one piece for easy scaling before and splits are required to fit your printer's needs.

This set includes 41 individual models to come together into an impressive suit of armour, meant to be laid over a chainmail shirt.

These impressive models are by @danny.g_3d with creative input from myself.

As always, Thank you for your support!

For the Alliance!

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