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"HOLY" - QO-100 2.4GHz - 4.5 turn Helix universal 55mm LNB horn holder



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"HOLY" - QO-100 2.4GHz - 4.5 turn Helix universal 55mm LNB horn holder by DM4DS full viewable 3d model
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This model is restricted by licensing terms. 
This model is restricted by licensing terms. 

2 Likes6 DownloadsJanuary 10, 2022

Model originally uploaded to Thingiverse at

<h1>Thanks for a TIP</h1>

Hello and thanks for the amazing interest on @twitter

Here is the Universal holder and some information about it.

"HOLY" stands for "Helix of last year" - thanks to Flo for the idea.

<h1> Read this carefully, Thanks</h1> <h2>Update 24.10.2020</h2> For enthusiasts I uploaded a super super super thin cover: Universal_Screw_LNB_Cover_v1,2_ultra_thin_98_100 <h2>Update 24.07.2020</h2> Updated Holder, Holder Lower and Helix Holder AND the Reflector for a special Version for the MEGASAT Diavolo LNB and 10mm² wire for the helix. The Cover fits also an this version, so there is no need to print it again! <h2>Update 05.11.2019</h2> Updated Cover with a _thin and a _ultra_thin version. What does it mean? The Perimeters are smaller, less infill. Try it in your slicer and use which version you like <h2>Update 01.11.2019</h2> Upload another Helix holder (v2_5mm) for 16mm² wires with 5mm holes <h2>Update 16.10.2019</h2> Uploaded a modified - stronger Helix Holder V2 <h2>Update 15.10.2019</h2> It looks that some slicer identify the "screw part" at the main holder and the cover as 2 parts in 1. The body 1 part, the screw 1 part and the result are horrible travel distances!

If you have that problem, search for solid option. If you don´t have that option and you see no other way, contact me via twitter @ham_dm4ds or email (look at Why? I made 2 files with trilions of triangels. No slicer has a change to think anymore that these are 2 parts in 1. But they are big! 500MB each. i can´t upload them here, Mail me for link.

sorry that i don´t post my mail here but i get a lot of spam already...

<h2>Update: 10.10.2019</h2> Added a new lower Holder with stronger N-Connector Part. v1 is 5mm , v1.1 is 7.5mm strong <h2>Where it fits?</h2> It is designed to fit every LNB with an horn+plastic diameter of 55mm. <h2>The Cover</h2> The cover is design to be printed like it is arranged, screw part down, WITHOUT support! At the upper inner side is extra material with an angle of 65° overhang to make support not necessary. The photos show 30% infill - Full honeycomb <h2>The Reflector</h2> For the reflector. i added the DXF /DWG file for your use with a CNC or other purpose. Also added a picture with all dimensions <h2>The helix holder</h2> It is designed to FOLLOW the helix. As wire, i used 10mm² , it has a diameter of ~3,5mm. The holes on the holder are 4mm, so the helix fits with little space. <h2>The MATCHING?</h2> To transform the too high impedance of a helix, which is around 130-135 ohms, we need a transformation. In my design I'm using a 31,5-32mm * 10mm piece of copper. This does the job for us perfect. "Play" with the height you solder it to the middle pin of your connector to get the best result. You can also move little left/right. The matching is all :) . If you done everything right, you can cut the helix shorter if needed without need to modify the matching! As always, if you have questions, ask.

Update 01.11.2019: Added a Version 2_5mm. That one is for 16mm² wire with ~4.5mm diameter. The Helix Holes are 5mm on that holder.

<h2>Bend Helper</h2> To make it easier to bend the helix, i also added the Helix Maker. It is a helper to bend the wire with the correct angle and diameter. wrap the wire tied arounf the helper and you are good to go. <h2>Main Holder</h2> i printed it with the screw side down. Then the surface where later the reflector sits is the support surface and a little rough but later behind the reflector. The outer surface is then as smooth as your printer is doing its job. But you can print like you want.

Please print it with "Support from build platform only" settings , there is NO need to support the thread.

29.10.2019: Pictures added

<h2>Screw to hold it together</h2> For the N-Connecter i ised a flange with 18mm distance between the holes. thats standard small size n-connector. to screw it to the reflector i use M3x4mm with a 2mm aluminium reflector

The Helix Holder is screwed with the reflector between to the main holder with M4x10 or M4x16. I use for the inner screw a M4x16 , the outer M4x10 - Use what you want.

<h2>Reflector - Main Holder</h2> Next to the N-Connector is a M4 thread in the reflector! That is used to screw the reflector against the main holder across the Helix Holder to hold it while you screw your cable to the connecter, otherwise if you push too hard, you could bend the reflector to the inside. <h2> Questions? </h2> Hope not. if i missed something, please drop me an email! i am not very often on thingiverse and so your message will be lost. Write me an email!

If you need a modified version? Write me an email!

Hope you enjoy the design and leave a positiv feedback and ALSO your MAKES.

Thanks Sandor DM4DS

<h1> Or a coffee?</h1> Patreon: Homepage: Twitter: Instagram: Thingiverse:

2 Likes6 DownloadsJanuary 10, 2022

This model is restricted by licensing terms. 
This model is restricted by licensing terms. 

2 Likes6 DownloadsJanuary 10, 2022