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May 2024 Release - Adventure Continues

May 2024 Release - Adventure Continues

Hey everyone! Welcome to May! Our anniversary month is now over, so discounts have reverted to their standard 50% across the board. Winners for the giveaway will be drawn in the next 24 hours and announced 24 hours after that!

We'll also be doing our bi-annual Subscriber Feedback Survey this month, a chance for you all to make your voices heard as an active subscriber of ours. We'll be posting it within the next 2 weeks.

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But without any more dilly dallying, lets get into our May release - a theme that absolutely dominated the votes in our last community theme poll! This revisits our friends from Adventure Calls, putting them in swanky new gear and sending them on a new Epic saga, delving into mysteries left in the wake of the nefarious Duke Conrad's death.

17 New Models are here to stay! Plus our full table terrain set - Ruins of Budrin Gar

May 24 RPG Pack - Names Compressed.jpg

We've also added Xarvir (April 2024 Version) to our Welcome Stash, with 42 total models in there now!

Xarvir Barikdral – The Fortunate.jpg

As the tyrannous Duke Conrad lies rotting in the depths of a cavern in Nan Thalias, the heroes from Tradver are now called to face a new, seemingly unrelated threat. A dragon has been spotted in the wilds of Draksborne, setting all manner of creatures into a frenzy with its presence. The locals seek the aid of renowned heroes to save them from a sinister threat, as madness is seemingly taking the minds of many locals, man and monster alike. Though it would seem a dragon is responsible for the ill tidings, the truth is far more dire.


Included in the STL Pack is

  • 17x total high quality models of mid-level iconic D&D creatures and enemies
  • 1x Full Terrain Playable Set - Ruins of Budrin Gar
  • 1x Intricately detailed Bust of the model Ervion ro Estel
  • Pre Supported variants of each model in 32 and 75mm scale (.lys files included)
  • Arion Midrun - Human Battle Master Fighter [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
  • Artemis of Canos - Evocation Master Wizard [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
  • Droggod Tribe - Ettin Savages (Three Variants) [Large Sized Models - 50mm bases]
  • Ervion ro Estel - Elven Monster Hunter Ranger [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
  • Gatha - Duergar Battlerager Barbarian [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
  • Green Kobolds of Midorius (Three Variants) [Medium Sized Models - 25mm bases]
  • Hali Brookes - Water Elemi Swashbuckler Rogue [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
  • Karthys of Zezima - Dragon Culist [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
  • Kuthrak’va - Dragonborn Pugilist [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
  • Midorius the Broken - Juvenile Green Dragon [Huge Sized Model - 75mm base]
  • Sonatus Noctursa - Northern Masked Owlbear [Large Sized Model - 50mm base]
  • Tors of Delvdor - Dwarven Cleric of Life & Glory [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
  • Verdant Basilisk [Huge Sized Model - 75mm base]

A4 Mockup Set-WebReady - May 24.png

Included in the month's campaign is

  • 1x Main Adventure Level 10-12 Campaign (3-6+ sessions)
  • 2x Fleshed Out Side Quests (Each 1-2 sessions long)
  • 1x Fully Fleshed out City - Eredel
  • 116 Page Campaign Book
  • NEW Barbarian Subclass - Demolisher - Rend rock and stone to dust with your immovable might, becoming an unstoppable force of nature capable of turning buildings to rubble and ripping apart the very earth itself.
  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of the kingdom of Draksborne
  • 8x Original Battlemaps for you and your party to use as they battle through the arena and its various terraformed states
  • 17x Original Statblocks for a level 10 campaign
  • 5x Premade Character Sheets with backstories for quick play
  • 24x Original Magic Items that can be attained throughout the campaign or given as rewards for encounters

May's Campaign - Ill Omens Pt I: Adventure Continues, acts as a continuation of the events from our “Lifting the Veil Saga.” Though this can also be played standalone with a new party of already renowned or well known adventurers. A dark force has stirred madness into the minds of locals in Draksborne’s north, and even the druids of Brel Alda have fallen victim to it, slaughtering each other in mindless frenzy. Survivors reach out to the party, pleading for the aid of seasoned heroes to save them. Though quickly it becomes apparent that the bloodshed is caused by more devious forces, as it becomes apparent a dragon has made its home in the area.


Included in the month's Miniature Welcome Stash (all in 32mm and 75mm scale, pre-supported with custom bases) for new & returning subs is the below 39 models

  • Blank Simple & Ornate bases at 25mm, 50mm and 75mm Width
  • Silus – Sergeant of the Golden Griffins
  • Orlena – Master of the Poisoned Talon
  • Freya the Fearless – Shield Maiden
  • Morian Fairhair – Death Knight
  • Kara’Ta – Sultan’s Bodyguard
  • Elenil - Dryad of Passage
  • Rylena - Spellsword
  • Eridius Falx - Tower Guard
  • Gaius - Bloodhunter Captain
  • Ardolinth - Hardshell Abomination
  • Erys - Vampire Seductress
  • Irivyl - The Blind Seeress
  • Seroca - Bearer of Secrets
  • Duktuk - Dwarven Grenadier
  • BUST - Ruby Silt
  • Sorngaar - The Cindering
  • Xandir - Drow Ranger of the Swamps
  • Ariana Grey - The Wolf Queen
  • Draugr - Arisen Warrior
  • Tharvaya - Dragon Warlock
  • Tanagor - Sentinel of the Woods
  • Tarick Wolfheart - Master Hex Hunter
  • Mana Goblins (three variants) - Alchemist, Loot, Sorcerer
  • Ahznagol - Aberrant Guard
  • Eldiara - Brinilmin's Archer
  • Netros - Arcane Artificer
  • Ferendir - Arch Holder
  • Estranith - Godless Panther
  • Markus Craghand - Earth Elemi Crusher
  • Kazuhira Orochi - The Peaceful Serpent
  • Skardi of the Third - Warlock of Decay
  • Umbrascale - Draconic Rogue
  • Telnam Gnik - Dwarven Big Game Hunter
  • Hali Brookes - Water Elemi Rogue
  • Irinax's Chosen (Three Variants) - Drow Elite Soldiers
  • Lizarin - Paladin of Renmaeth
  • Xarvir Barikdral - Tiefling Crimelord

Plus included is our 5E Campaign - A Renegade Prince (Remastered)

  • 1x A2 Printable regional map of Belfrie Sovereignty
  • 2x A2 Printable city maps of Tradver & Velandria
  • 2x Encounter Maps
  • 6x Premade DM Stash Character Sheets + 1 Blank Fillable Sheet
  • 3x Printable Mercenary Contracts for immersing your party on their in-game tasks
  • 10x Statblocks for the models that were included in this campaign's release
  • Mid-Length 5E Campaign with two fully explorable cities, with quests and happenings constantly posed at the party

    Included in the month's Campaign Welcome Stash (available for Squires, Champs and Quartermasters) for new & returning subs is the below 5E campaign content
  • Pursuit of a Renegade Prince 5E Campaign Module (12+ sessions, includes its own maps and contracts)
  • 45x Monster and NPC Stat Blocks
  • 22x Detailed Battle Maps
  • 1x World Map of Tharador
  • 20x Magic Items
  • 7x Brand-New Subclasses
  • 24x Mercenary Contracts

Loyalty Rewards for longtimers!

3 Months: Gardan the Mammoth Giant (statblock included)

6 Months: Dawn Shell - Customisable Turtlefolk Monk [121 Total Combinations!]

9 Months: Temple to Horauthin - Enormous terrain and structure pack featuring a 570mm x 910mm x 730mm temple for you to use as a battlefield!

We hope that these previews pique your interest in our works! You can also purchase from our website directly, or MMF if you'd like to test a model or two before pledging!