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Hydra Fan Duct & Tool Change System for Ender 3 Ender 5 CR10

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Hydra Fan Duct & Tool Change System for Ender 3 Ender 5  CR10 3d model
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This model is restricted by licensing terms. 
5 Likes20 DownloadsOctober 18, 2021
This model is restricted by licensing terms. 

Model originally uploaded to Thingiverse at

Hydra Fan Duct & Tool Change System for Ender 3 Ender 5 & CR10

See Below for Updates, V6 Edition Here:

Firstly many thanks to AlfaBarion for suggesting such an incredibly clever name for this thing.

This is a Multi Headed beast with ease of hot end access, adjustment and serviceability.

In this thing I have:

1.Designed a system with easy swap out of various types of tool\extruder head without having to replace the duct system (The short length of Bowden tube required may vary dependant on Extruder Head selected).

2.The Hot End can be fully accessed by just removing the front Heat Sink Fan.

3.Cooling Fan Duct height adjustment is front facing and therefore much easier to adjust and access. This also results in a smaller fan duct which can be assembled prior to insertion.

4.I have included multiple cable routes to aid overall wire management.

5.Robust Fan duct design with integrated ratchet system to provide a firm secure fixing detail with no duct vibration.

Water Test Video:

Levelling Sensors

iAM_B3nFPS Has created a great centre mounted BL Touch Bracket which fits the Hydra at this link:

I do not use any levelling sensors but have included a support bracket for the BLTouch based on members previous comments. This should be treated has WIP until confirmed acceptable.


I have included in the files two installation guides + BOM for the Ender 3 and Ender 5. The Ender 3 guide should be sufficient for the CR10 & CR10S. I will update these if I can think of any further additions. Please comment if you require any further information or that I have made a mistake.


1.All parts do not need any supports except for the 4010 fan ducts (small amount of support to reduce duct footprint).

2.The Bowden Cable clip may require a raft due to its small footprint.

3.I have designed in some sacrificial layers above some of the nut sockets in both mounting plates to aid bridging.These will require piercing and cleaning off prior to assembly (refer to the installation guides).

All parts printed in PETG @ 0.2 layer, height, 30%-40% infill and 3 perimeters.


White - BQ Petg Red - Amazon Basics Petg Blue- Prima Select Sky Blue Petg

Links to useful & cool accessories\Remix

1.Junction Box


3.Nut Holder

4.iAM_B3nFPS - Hydra Fan Duct Heat Creeper Link:

5.sychr - LED Bar -

6.Briefer - Reinforced BMG Head:

7.Latic - Linear Rail Adapter with "hidden" BL Touch

8.There is also Shenkoe`s Larger Remix Here:

9.Shater`s chain link remix

10.Jrows`s Side and Rear Mounts for BLV Ender 3/Pro

11.Hairing`s fabulous fan cover:

12.newsphreak`s Hydra Base Ender 3 V2:

13.Poblopuablo`s adapter for the orbiter extruder:

Update: 23\12\19 1.Increased cable route between front adjustment screws particularly for when using 4010 fans. Uploaded\upgraded both versions of side and rear mounting plate to version V1_2. 2.Included link to Water test Video.

Update: 03\01\20 1.Uploaded additional base units with a revision to allow M3 self tapping brass thread inserts instead as an alternative to the standard pilot holes. If you think you will be removing the front fan frequently locating on a thread rather than wearing a pilot hole will provide greater longevity. All files with thread insert at the end of the label. The inserts are for the front facing fan only and not for all inserts. The majority of fixing are M3 Nyloc based. Link to the inserts used on Amazon UK:

2.Uploaded a variation of the Bowden Head Plate with a bracket to connect to a cable chain. This part requires some support under the chain shelf. Design based on the following thing:

3.Also removed one of the cable tie slots on the Ender 5 Rear Base Unit for threaded inserts version due to it potentially being a stress point on the part.

14_01_20 Link to 150mm bridging attempt with a 0.8 mm nozzle on a CR10S. Link:

19_01_20 Uploaded a new set of 5015 & 4010 ducts with a reduced duct aperture to focus the air flow. I have not tested these yet (printing now)so please treat has WIP Parts with narrow after the duct type and hand).

30_01_20 Uploaded step file for tool heads + base @ 100mm centres

10\02\20 Uploaded step files for the narrow version duct

05\04\20 Uploaded work in progress files for Base ducts for both Ender 3 & 5 which have all M3 brass inserts rather than M3 Nylocs. I have printed parts but not yet tested on a printer. I would recommend using a M3 tap to clear inserts prior to use. I have also integrated some sacrificial layers on the rear base units which will require cleaning out prior to use. All files named V4_allserts.

Inserts used:

06\04\20 Uploaded revised all insert files. I have reverted back to the original duct fixings position has the screw heads conflicted with the front fan. All files named V5_allserts.

08\04\20 Removed Base Duct versions with M3 thermal inserts has the plastic around the duct retention fixings cracked repeatedly under pressure.

30\04\20 Uploaded WIP revised 5015 & 4010 Narrow Fan Ducts (MK6). The 5015 fans have a 25 & 35 degree variants. The ducts print at 45 degrees (as per uploaded orientation) with a small amount of custom support to aid the nozzle overhang (see uploaded images for this and the recommended position off the build plate).

01\05\20 Uploaded a spacer\helper for the 2 5015 MK6 variants to help setting the nozzle height off the build plate.

05\05\20 Uploaded CFD Analysis images of the Original Narrow & Mk6 5015 Ducts

04\08\21 Uploaded Duct Base Step File for both Ender 3 & 5 with no thread inserts (original design).

5 Likes20 DownloadsOctober 18, 2021

This model is restricted by licensing terms. 
5 Likes20 DownloadsOctober 18, 2021
This model is restricted by licensing terms.