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Bowls for the Toy Kitchen [no supports]

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Bowls for the Toy Kitchen [no supports] 3d model
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1 Likes24 DownloadsMay 4, 2021

I made these bowls for my kids to use in their toy kitchen. They are a simple design with no need for supports.

Important note! Print this with the bottom on the build plate!

I had some issues along the perimeter of the bowl halfway up. I discovered that my slicer had sliced a couple of layers with loads of small loops instead of continuous one. I fiddled with the extrusion width in the settings (increasing it from 0.45 to 0.48 specifically) and managed to reduce the issue.

Have fun and Be Inspired!

Check out the simple plates I designed as well!

1 Likes24 DownloadsMay 4, 2021

1 Likes24 DownloadsMay 4, 2021