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MinV2 Ender 3 fan mount

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MinV2 Ender 3 fan mount 3d model
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2 Likes16 DownloadsJuly 22, 2021

A fan mount that is very quick and easy to print and directs the air more effectively towards the nozzle.


bltouch mount EZABL mount no support needed 2.5 hours print time better part cooling only stock parts why design another ender 3 fan mount?

Other available coolers require additional hardware, take a long time to print, need support and require post-processing. I wanted something that was quick and easy to print but still had great cooling performance. I designed my cooler to print in 2.5 hours at 0.2mm layerheight without the need for any support. The cooling performance is great, I achieved 70 degree overhangs without loss in quality with the stock blower fan.

print instructions

designed for 0.4 mm nozzle, other nozzle sizes will probably not work as intended.

The complete mount can be printed in three pieces without any support. No brims needed.

Print the duct with wall line count 1 and extra skin wall count 0. This is necessary for the print to complete as intended during desing.

I printed in PLA and it's fine temperature-wise.

Total print time is aprox. 2.5 hours.

installation instructions

-Slightly loosen the hotend and pass the back plate behind it. Re-tighten the hotend. -Bolt the hotend cooler to the frame together with the backplate. -Slide the fan duct on and gently click it into place. Do not press from the bottom of the fan duct as that might break it. -optional- install bltouch or induction probe, the offsets are in the images on my thingiverse page.

2 Likes16 DownloadsJuly 22, 2021

2 Likes16 DownloadsJuly 22, 2021