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Bumper Sticker POS Display Rack With Swappable Inserts

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Bumper Sticker POS Display Rack With Swappable Inserts 3d model
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0 Likes1 DownloadsApril 26, 2022

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I needed a rack in my shop where I could offer customers free bumper stickers supporting our 45th President of the United States in his bid for re-election in 2020. This is my solution.

By the way, before I get this childish, asinine comment... POS stands for "Point of Sale".

This rack is customizable, so if you don't support Trump - I guess it takes all kinds :) - you can customize it to use with any stickers you'd like.

The rack is designed so that it works in both standing and hanging orientations. Both text plates are the same 100 x 45 x 2mm size. The upper plate also serves to hide the hanging screws. I have included a blank plate that you can use for your own text as you see fit.

NOTE Due to either a Thingiverse bug or (more likely) shadowbanning, my models no longer show up under the [Newest] listings. If you want to see more of my models, please be sure to 'follow' me. If you print this, it would really help if you'd post a 'make' so that others could find this model.

0 Likes1 DownloadsApril 26, 2022

0 Likes1 DownloadsApril 26, 2022