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Lowered height of the text so it does not snap off due to leverage if you hit it by accident. added indent on the insert.stl so you can put a piece of whiteboard paper and write your own tasks rather than printing a new one for each thing. resized sliders so they have a slight bump that allows for easier gripping when sliding them. increased size of magnet hole by 1mm as it was too tight. 2/26/2022:

Saw this on tiktok and noticed it wasn't anywhere online so I figured id design one myself :) I haven't tested this print yet but I've given everything a fair tolerance so it should print and fit together relatively smooth.

There are 2 bases, one has an insert for a magnet (30mm x 2mm) ( and the other one does not have the insert for people who would like to have them braced against something or if you want to put a magnetic strip or even command strips.

I've also left the top blank so you can put whatever text you'd like (CAD files are included). I personally use Rhino but whatever works for you. The purpose of these are to have one for every goal you want to complete throughout the week (Example: Meditating, you would slide each one for everyday you do it. Then reset at the beginning of a new week(

I hope you all like it! Also if anyone would like me to add text in for them just let me know and I can surely do that for you. (Just know it might take me a bit as I am at work most of the day)

0 Likes8 DownloadsFebruary 28, 2022

0 Likes8 DownloadsFebruary 28, 2022