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MTG Commander Deckbox



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MTG Commander Deckbox by mueller_jp full viewable 3d model
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2 Likes5 DownloadsAugust 14, 2022

This is V1 of my Deckbox for the Commander format of Magic the Gathering. Pictures of the fully printed and assembled box can be found on my instagram:

Assembly: The top lid is assembled by press fitting the letters and the driving plate into the topcover and an M3 nut into the guiding plate. Then place the six lockarms into the slots of the guiding plate and place the assembled topcover onto the lockarms. Place an M3 by 15mm screw into the topcover and fix the screw until the assembly can be opened and closed without wobbling.

Improvements and new features for V2:

  • Increase height of top cover by 1-2 mm to prevent the screw from penetrating the top assembly when the screw is fixed too tightly.
  • Add a grip hole in the door to make removing the commander from the door easier.
  • Change style of the lip on the outer deck box to make locking easier independent of print settings
  • Add a slot on the left and the right of the outer box to add side cover with art or something similar.

This design was inspired by the following Model

2 Likes5 DownloadsAugust 14, 2022

2 Likes5 DownloadsAugust 14, 2022