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1 Likes3 DownloadsJuly 24, 2021

Most of the BMG direct drive Designs are not "Direct" due to a small boden tube between the extruder and the Heatbreak. It is meant to lift the Motor on the X Gantry. In this Design I made a slightly different approach, which is to turn the whole extruder and cancel the tube between the extruder and the Heatbreak.

This is Design meant to fit perfectly with the Geeetech A30 machines...

Build Material: PETG or ABS is recommended, but PLA+ with some paint will also work. You can get away with the normal PLA for some parts. Since there is nothing to hold the wires anymore (i.e. No boden Tube), a cable chain is recommended.

Required Hardware: 2X M3x15 5X M3x8 5X M3x10 2X M3x20 1X M3x30 4X M2.5x13 12X M3 nuts

Changes in Firmware: E-Steps: 415 for the 1/16 stepper drivers BLTouch Offsets: X Offset 32 / Y Offset 5 Travel limits: Xmin -19 / Ymin -28

Any comments and/or ideas are very much welcome.

1 Likes3 DownloadsJuly 24, 2021

1 Likes3 DownloadsJuly 24, 2021