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Voronoi Heart by Frikarte3D
Voronoi Heart by Frikarte3D

Voronoi Heart Decoration

Hello, fellow 3D printing lovers! I’m Frikarte3D, a 3D artist and designer who loves to create and share my models. Today, I want to show you my latest creation: the Voronoi Heart Decoration, a 3D printable model that lets you create your own heart-shaped decoration using the voronoi pattern. It's my first Voronoi pattern and I'm very happy how it turned out.

This decoration is a 3D model of a heart with a flat bottom that allows it to stand on any surface. It also has a complex and intricate pattern of holes and curves that create a striking visual effect. It features a beautiful heart shape that symbolizes love and romance.

Tomorrow you can find a video of that model on my YouTube Channel Frikarte3D, where I show a timelapse, how I remove supports and how it turned out. Stay tuned to be the first one to watch it! 💓

The Voronoi Heart Decoration is easy to print and use, and you can print it with any 3D printer and filament. You can also print it in any color you like, or in different colors and combinations to match your Valentine’s theme. For an extra decoration, you can pause the print before it closes the heart, add something inside and have a magic heart with a surprise. I printed mine with standard setting using tree/organic supports, but you can try to do it without.

If you like my Voronoi Heart Decoration model, you can download it from Thangs here: Voronoi Heart Decoration. You can also leave a like and a comment to show your support and feedback. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and fellow 3D printing lovers. By liking, downloading, and sharing my model, you will help me a lot and get yourself a stunning and romantic heart decoration.

Thank you for your time and attention. I hope you enjoy my Voronoi Heart Decoration model and find it useful. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments below. Happy 3D printing! 😊