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FLSun Box by Frikarte3D
FLSun Box by Frikarte3D

🚀 Unveiling the FLSun Box: A Tribute to High-Speed 3D Printing! 🚀

Hey Thangs Community! I’m thrilled to share my latest creation, the FLSun Box - a 3D printable marvel that’s a perfect blend of style and utility. This isn’t just any tool box; it’s a heartfelt “Thank You” to FLSun for their generosity and collaboration.

🎨 Design Journey: Inspired by Yanev’s Tool Box Parametric, I’ve enhanced this model with the iconic FLSun logo, name, and the slogan “Ultra High-Speed 3D Printing” on the lid. It’s more than a box; it’s a statement piece that echoes our shared passion for 3D printing.

FLSUN Box Open Back Frikarte3D.jpg🔩 Function Meets Form: Equipped with handles and a latch for easy transport, the FLSun Box is designed for compatibility. It fits seamlessly with all Compartment models from my previous Tool Box Base designs, allowing you to customize to your heart’s content.

FLSUN Box Open Frikarte3D.jpg🛠️ Assembly Made Simple: All you need are M3 screws or rods to bring this design to life. I’ve used 30mm length for the back and front holes and 40mm for the handle, ensuring a sturdy and reliable build.

FLSUN Box Splitted Frikarte3D.jpg🌟 Join the Movement: By downloading the FLSun Box, you’re not just getting a storage solution; you’re joining a community that appreciates the art of 3D printing. Let’s celebrate the “ULTRA HIGH-SPEED 3D PRINTING” together!

🔗 Download FLSun Box now to see in all its glory and make it yours. Let’s print, store, and celebrate the innovation that FLSun brings to our workshops!