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Flexi Daisy Flower
Flexi Daisy Flower

🌼 Introducing the Flexi Daisy Flower: A Playful Spring Delight! 🌼

Welcome the freshness of spring with the Flexi Daisy Flower, a 3D printable model that captures the essence of the season in a playful and interactive form. This charming creation is a tripartite wonder, featuring a daisy with articulated petals that dance with a touch, and a detailed pollen area that’s a feast for the eyes.

Key Features:

  • Articulated Petals: The Flexi Daisy’s petals come alive! With a gentle touch, they sway gracefully, mimicking the delicate movement of real flowers.
  • Dual-Tone Beauty: Printed in one color for the petals and sunny yellow for the heart, this flower radiates springtime joy. Achieve the vibrant yellow glow by pausing your print at 5.5mm height.
  • Stem Support: The verdant green stem provides stability and elegance. Thanks to the diffused skin option, it boasts a natural texture that complements the bloom.
  • Clever Connector: Seamlessly unite the stem and bloom without the need for supports. A dab of glue ensures a lasting bond.
  • Versatile Palette: Experiment with colors! Whether you prefer classic daisy white, a blush of pink, or a whisper of pastel blue, the Flexi Daisy Flower adapts beautifully.
  • Easy Assembly: No complex steps here—just align, connect, and secure. Let the Flexi Daisy brighten your space effortlessly.

Flexi Daisy Flower White Frikarte3D.jpg🔗 Explore the Flexi Daisy Flower and celebrate growth, renewal, and the joy of blooming! 🌸

Remember, all Frikarte3D designs are protected by Copyright Law. If you’d like to sell digital files or print models based on this design, please reach out to me for permission. Happy printing! 🌿🌼🌟

Feel free to share your printed Flexi Daisy Flower on social networks—tag me at @Frikarte3D so I can appreciate your work! 📸✨