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Anycubic Box
Anycubic Box

🌟 Introducing the Anycubic Box: A Symbol of Innovation in 3D Printing! 🌟

Hey Thangs Community! Excited to unveil my latest design - the Anycubic Box. It’s not just any box; it’s a tribute to the trailblazing spirit of Anycubic, crafted with gratitude and style.

🖨️ A Design Born from Victory: After bagging the Anycubic Kobra 2 Pro in the Christmas Thangs contest, I was inspired to create something special. The result? A 3D printable box that embodies the essence of Anycubic’s innovation.

Anycubic Box Open Back Inverted Frikarte3D.jpg🔧 Sleek, Smart, and Organized: Adorned with the Anycubic logo, this box is the ultimate organizer for any Anycubic aficionado. Nine compartments mean your workspace stays tidy, letting you focus on what you love - creating.

Anycubic Box Open Frikarte3D.jpg🛠️ Customizable and Convenient: Choose from two lid designs for display or transport, and print in single or multicolor - the choice is yours. Assembly is a breeze with M3 screws, ensuring a solid build for all your 3D printing accessories.

Anycubic Box Splitted Frikarte3D.jpg💡 Make a Statement: This box isn’t just for storage; it’s a declaration of your commitment to quality and community in the 3D printing world. Print it in colors that reflect your style and let it be a beacon of your creativity.

Anycubic Box Open Back Frikarte3D.jpg👇 Join the Celebration: Download the Anycubic Box now and let your appreciation for Anycubic’s cutting-edge technology shine through every print!