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stackable bins - parametric

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stackable bins - parametric 3d model
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44 Likes121 DownloadsApril 1, 2023

Stackable bins based on:

You may also be interested in my stackable shelves, which is basically this without the front.

NOTE: I updated all bins and shelves on 2023-10-31 (happy Halloween) to make any bin and shelf with the same width and depth compatible with each other for stacking. This does mean that all models printed before this change (bin v11, shelf v15) are incompatible with the new models.

I started from scratch so I could make it parametric in Fusion 360. Also made some changes:

  • The shelf for the next bin to sit on now goes all the way to the back on both sides
  • Mid slot fits optional divider (included in various sizes)
  • Chamfered bottom and top mating edges make nesting a dream
  • The side channels go the same direction so they fit together when placed side-by-side
  • Some other changes

I included various common sizes as well as the Fusion 360 file if you want to choose your own—the f3d file is fully parametric.

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44 Likes121 DownloadsApril 1, 2023

44 Likes121 DownloadsApril 1, 2023