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Treasure Hunters - MultiPart

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Treasure Hunters - MultiPart 3d model
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5 Likes35 DownloadsAugust 12, 2021

====== Advanced print! ======

Two friends have been searching many years for this treasure and lo and behold, there it was...

Turntable video:


As titled, this is a multi part print. I recommend you should be very comfortable with your printer and slicer settings before attempting this one. That said, I've printed the whole thing on an FDM printer (Dremel 3d40) and all parts work fine.

My two recommendations -

  1. Don't print any smaller than the parts already are. If anything, print bigger. There is a whole lot of polygonal detail per piece that would easily hold up at 200% or more. The main issue is the base piece is a single piece and already quite large.

  2. Some of the thinner parts stay too warm when printing (or at least for me and using PLA) and don't print nicely at the top. The solution here was to print parts 08 and 20 together and parts 21 and 22 together. This gives each layer a bit of time to cool as the nozzle switches over to the other part. Your mileage may vary depending on printer and material.

Ample detail for more advanced printers like SLA, resin etc. This multi part part print is split with FDM in mind, but I have uploaded the final model as a single part separately here:

Most parts will need at least some support, but splits were made with minimal support in mind.

Have fun and be sure to show your makes!

5 Likes35 DownloadsAugust 12, 2021

5 Likes35 DownloadsAugust 12, 2021