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Ender 3 Quiet Control Box



Remix Model
Ender 3 Quiet Control Box 3d model
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2 Likes5 DownloadsFebruary 28, 2022

Model originally uploaded to Thingiverse at

A replacement for the mainboard housing for the Ender 3 that allows you to keep all electronics in a single box cooled with a single 120mm fan. It will house the standard mainboard, a raspberry pi 2 (feel free to remix for a rpi3) and a buck converter for the 120mm fan. And it's way, way quieter than the stock 40mm and 50mm fans it replaces.

It's designed with two layers, the lower to house the psu, buck converter and the power socket and the next layer for the mainboard and raspberry pi. The 120mm fan is mounted with screw less adapters and can be popped off easily to access the mainboard and rpi.

I have tried to use as much original hardware and screws as possible. You just need to add five standard pc case screws.

Just print each part out and screw it together. go from the bottom layer, then middle layer, mount the adapters on the fan and then place the fan on top. Lastly, remove the screen from the stock mount and screw it in to the top cover.

2 Likes5 DownloadsFebruary 28, 2022

2 Likes5 DownloadsFebruary 28, 2022