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Lost PLA Casting Tree with Tapered Sprue & Pouring Basin

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Lost PLA Casting Tree with Tapered Sprue & Pouring Basin 3d model
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6 Likes13 DownloadsJune 8, 2021

To most viewers this will mean nothing, but to some who follow my YouTube Channel, this is the Casting Tree that I've been developing - seen in several of my videos now.

Those familiar with John Campbell's Casting Handbook will be aware of the concept of a tapered sprue and pouring basin, devices typically included in sand casting to reduce porosity, prevent metal contamination and smooth the flow. I have taken these concepts and introduced them to the casting tree with, so far at least, great success.

It fits perfectly on a steel flask that has a outer diameter of 102mm and is no greater than 150mm tall. If you're in the UK and want to buy one, drop me a line on YouTube or via my website and I'll tell you which online store sells them.

To attach items to the main sprue (the trunk) I use positioning wax. This is wonderfully sticky stuff that holds very well and evaporates perfectly during burnout. Again this can be seen in most of my videos - like the one below.

JUST ONE STIPULATION... if you feature this in a YouTube video, please name me as the Creator and provide a Link to this file and to my channel.

6 Likes13 DownloadsJune 8, 2021

6 Likes13 DownloadsJune 8, 2021