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2023 Survey Results and Survey Character Reveal!

2023 Survey Results and Survey Character Reveal!

Hello Fellow Trappers and Fans!

Austin here! Today we have an update on the results of the customer survey and some awesome updates for DTL going forward as well as the results of the Survey Character at the end so be sure to stick around and read through this whole post!

First off I want to say that each time we've done this I am always shocked at how respectful and kind you all are. I have been on the internet long enough to know that when you ask for feedback you can expect a healthy serving of rude comments and not so nice remarks. That being said out of the almost 700 replies to the survey there was not a single rude comment. Many people had strong opinions or criticisms but they where all so respectful and constructive. To me that is amazing and makes me feel so grateful to be able to make and design models for such an amazing community. I truly think we have some of the best customers out there so thankyou!

Now lets look at some of the more interesting results. 

Most of you want a variety of minis with a slant towards monsters


Most of you prefer unique monsters but some still like classics. We'll try to throw some classics in there every now and then or at the very least our take on them.

2.jpgSupport satisfaction has gone way up compared to last year and we put alot of effort into making them better and having our models print stress free. If you have any issues getting the models to print we have dedicated specialists in our discord who can help you troubleshoot so don't hesitate. If i the models are giving you issues you probably could use some calibration. Hop on over to get some help!


Only 25% of you participated in the treasure hunt which makes us sad to see. We had so much fun making it and we want more of you to enjoy it. We plan to make the next one have a lower barrier to entry with the difficulty ramping up through out the quest. There won't be a puzzle to start you will simply be able to join to start the quest. We also plan to add more models and prizes so that even if you don't win grand prize you can still get some great rewards for participating.


Three Quarters of you where interested in a campaign setting which lucky for you is in the works.


Many of you also wanted to see a narrative campaign for the armies. I can't divulge much yet but stay tuned.


Many wanted rpg stats for the Soldier tier armies


Alot of you where interested in playing wargames. If you haven't tried OPR yet give it a shot. The rules are completely free and you can use minis you already have lying around!


And lastly most of you are DM's and surprisingly 10% of you are neither DM's or Players.


Additionally there where a number of comments mentioning terrain. We'll look more into this and see if its something we want to bring back. We also received alot of comments asking us to improve folder structure and organization as well as naming conventions. We hear you and will be improving this aspect. If there are any creators that you think have great folder structure let us know in the comments. Some of you asked that we bring back the glow hoppers instead of the ferret drake. Let us know in the comments. Should we keep the ferret drake or bring back the hoppers? if there's enough support maybe we will switch back. One of the most common comments was essentially "don't stop being weird" don't worry we won't.

Based on the survey and results we decided that starting with The Moon Enclave army in April we will be including a pdf with army lore, the army stats (they'll still be available for free on army forge) and 5e stats for each hero and unit in the army so you can use them in both dnd and OPR games interchangeably. This pdf and stat blocks will be available for the Soldier and veteran tier! Keep your eyes peeled for a post about some updates to the Dragons war and armies as well.

We are working on both a narrative campaign featuring the Fae petal courts and The Darkwoods as well as a Dnd Campagin setting for Okinja. We'll have more information on the narrative campaign as we get closer and the Okinja playtest is going on right now! We'll be releasing the playtest survey this month.

Lastly the thing you've all been waiting for. The survey mini. We took each option and subtracted their votes for least wanted option form their most wanted option to get the results and the outcome was an ambiguous gendered Draconic Warlock. What should we name them let us know below! The art is finished and once the model is done we will send it to the email of all those who participated. Thanks again for all your support and here is to another awesome year at The Dragon Trappers Lodge!

Untitled_Artwork 13.jpg

May your Blades Stay Sharp and Your Flesh on Your Bones!