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Planetside 2 NS Baron G5 - Static model

Remix Model
Planetside 2 NS Baron G5 - Static model 3d model
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8 Likes24 DownloadsMarch 28, 2022

Static model you can print and glue together. This is not a file rip, the model has been created from the ground up by me.

This is highly WIP; I haven't even printed it myself yet lol. Saving it for a deeper project. Please leave feedback if you try it! Like for real I don't even know if the scale is good

Length: 805mm (31.7")

NOTE: the pump handle needs to be fit on the handguard before the handguard is glued to the receiver. I'm trying to update the model to fix this but the site won't let me. Yay!

Changes from the original model:

  1. Removed the coat hook thing on the right side
  2. Centered the loading door in the model
  3. Increased the size of the top cover for future project
  4. Picatinny-accurate top rail

8 Likes24 DownloadsMarch 28, 2022

8 Likes24 DownloadsMarch 28, 2022