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Tripple Trouble!

Tripple Trouble!

Yup that's right, the Classic fun loving trio are up and ready to print! So finally we can start getting our duckies all in a row. And with Pixel and Plastic adding the new generations too there's double the fun! Were' not done yet though! More duckies incoming!!

Until then check out all the models in the series so far, both the classic and the reboots

Classic Huey -
Classic Dewey -
Classic Louie -

Pixel and Plastic Reboot Huey -
Pixel and Plastic Reboot Dewey -
Pixel and Plastic Reboot Louie -

Be sure to share your makes and tag me in your social posts @sparkyface5, I love seeing your work and ducklings always bring a smile! Also have you seen? The Leaderboards have changed and it's looking to be a lot of fun and more opportunities for everyone. WooooHoo! Like, download and follow, Lets gooooo!

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