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A little froggy fun

A little froggy fun

I sculpted this little guy because he cracks me up! Completely! How about you? Do you know of this little LoonyToon? His name is Michigan J Frog, and he is insanely talented and special.

He's no ordinary frog, no. He sings, and dances, in spectacular fashion too. There's just one catch though.. he wont sing for everyone.. so if you are lucky enough to catch him doing it you must let me know.. so far it seems I'm the only one.. so now I will put him back in his box and pass him onto you. Hopefully you will experience the magic as well.

But Beware... for people will start to look at you funny when you tell them about this talented little guy. My husband thinks I'm crazy, the kids just laugh.. but we know.. we know the truth... right?

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