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Highway On-Ramp Tile

Smoke and Lights
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Highway On-Ramp Tile 3d model
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12 Likes41 DownloadsJune 25, 2023

This tile for Zack Freedman's game, Hextraction, lets you put a new on-ramp almost anywhere on the board!

To keep it fair, you cannot roll a ball after you place this tile. If you don't roll before placing it, you forfeit your roll. You also cannot play it in the bottom row, because that would be too easy!

Just remember, Everyone can use this new ramp, so if you place it where you have a guaranteed win, you are setting your opponent up for success!

12 Likes41 DownloadsJune 25, 2023

12 Likes41 DownloadsJune 25, 2023