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King Size Cone Filler (10)

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King Size Cone Filler (10) 3d model
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8 Likes169 DownloadsMarch 16, 2022

This is a draft version of a cone filler that fills 10 King size Cones (109 mm Cone Size)

The Top/Bottom piece can be used to pack the cones down AND can be used to pop all the cones out at once. README: Rotate the model on your build plate for the smaller holes are laying flat onto your build area & for the top/bottom make sure the flat section is also laying on your build plate.

Main Box Settings: 15-20% Gyro id Infill* Top/Bottom: 25-35% Gyro id Infill*

The bottom needs more infill to make the "pokers" stronger.

*** Use whatever infill settings you feel comfortable with. I personally use the settings above with a .6 mm nozzle to speed up things. Use whatever you are used to or have installed already.

Use what you think is best, as I'm new to 3d Printing and CAD programs.

This is my first model/design ever uploaded so please feel free to send any questions, suggestions or tips for the design. I plan on adding a version that has a slot for a metal screen that will block bigger chunks & stems from going into the cone box and also plan on adding some form of vibration/shaker motor to do all the work for you down he road.

Also if anyone wants me to make a smaller/bigger version just let me know how many cones you want in one box. I will also be updating this design as I get used to learning CAD programs.

Thanks for all the support!


8 Likes169 DownloadsMarch 16, 2022

8 Likes169 DownloadsMarch 16, 2022