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Hextraction - Speed Bumps Tiles

Remix Model
Hextraction - Speed Bumps Tiles 3d model
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12 Likes39 DownloadsJuly 11, 2023

For those who want to stop the railroading down to the finish line.

This tile pack is just like the basic pack, just with a twist or I could say "bump". It can stop balls and when the next ball comes it will set it free. With this you can create satisfying loops, or make your opponent turn a living hell. (Because this will destroy other tiles not it self, but you will know what I mean when you print it :D )

This first version is Work In Progress so stl files are not the cleanest, but will still print fine, also they have built in support.

Images coming soon.

I recommend printing only one tile of each for 2 players, because diagonal game play will slow down significantly. I added a DIC-Middle-Speed-Bump.stl as well for just satisfying loops

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12 Likes39 DownloadsJuly 11, 2023

12 Likes39 DownloadsJuly 11, 2023