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Additions: 4.5" size for MCM Planter

Additions: 4.5" size for MCM Planter

I've been meaning to get this out for a little while! Loving this design at a larger size. The seam between the pot and the drip tray is really well hidden.

Because of the tapered design, the pot and tray are a little larger than most of my other 4.5" planters, but you can still squeeze both in on one 256 x 256mm build plate.

MCM 4.5 Sliced.png

Print Settings

  • .2mm layer height
  • 15% grid infill
  • 2 walls

Filament & Hardware

  • Filament I used for this print: Overture Matte Light Brown PLA
  • Hardware: #10-12 x 1-1/4 in screws

Filament and hardware/non 3D printed items for this model can be found on my Amazon Storefront, linked here: