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WIP Brass Dragon Head

WIP Brass Dragon Head

Hello everyone, just been working on the Brass Dragon head and getting it just right as this is a very unique head crest over any of the other dragons and I knew it would take me the longest to get correct. Reminds me a lot of a Triceratops head crest as it is not a horn or spike, its more of a bone shield that's part of the skull.

I will be working on the White Dragon next as that one won't take me very long to get done, though the only thing I'm taking my time on is a bit of research for reference images and ideas. Primarily on things that I can do to add to the head and neck to spice up the white dragon as they are the most basic of dragons with very few dragon scales and defenses and are very primitive compared to all other dragons. I was definitely thinking of adding skin frills under the chin, a couple of whiskers maybe, or even crystalline protrusions or ice spikes.

Frank - Little Shop of Sigil