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Sneak Peek Armored Skeleton

Sneak Peek Armored Skeleton

Hello Everyone,

Here is a sneak peek at the Armored Skeletons for next month's release. In total for all of the Skeletons, it will come out to 10 different skeletons.

1X Skeleton Armored Heavy Fighter

1x Skeleton Armored Spearmen

1x Skeleton Armored Archer

4x Skeleton Armored fighters

1x Skeleton Armored Fighter Greataxe

1x Skeleton Armored Fighter Dual Handaxes

1x Skeleton Armored Fighter Shield and Handaxe

1x Skeleton Armored Fighter Shield and Longsword

The next ones I will be working on are 2 unarmored skeletons and 1 arcane skeleton completing the 10 skeletons. Then onto 3 zombies to complete the next month's release.

Frank - Little Shop of Sigil