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April Release!!! White and Brass Dragons

April Release!!! White and Brass Dragons

Hello everyone,

I'm excited to announce that April's release is finally here, featuring all 10 types of dragons from both the Chromatic and Metallic families. I'm very proud of the dragons I have created for all of you, except for the red dragons, which I plan to revisit at a later time. From the icy tundras to the scorching deserts, these dragons are a true embodiment of their kind.

The White Dragon is the smallest and most feral among the chromatic dragons. Its majestic appearance ranges from icy grey to vibrant ice blue, providing natural camouflage for the frigid Arctic and snowy mountain environments. On the other hand, the Brass Dragon is easily recognizable with its triangular wing shape and brass-colored scales that radiate heat and light. Its head is uniquely designed with a large, curved plate extending from the eyes and cheeks, and two sharp chin horns that increase in sharpness as the dragon ages. Brass dragons are known for their love of conversation and peaceful nature, often using their sleep-inducing gas to subdue potential threats.

I hope you all enjoy these dragon models as much as I enjoyed creating them. Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments or suggestions with me. I love interacting with the community. The next models I will be working on are Skeletons and Zombies, and if I find I have more time, I will add a few surprises for everyone.

Until next time!

Frank Little Shop of Sigil