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#3DPNSpeakerCover "High Fidelity"

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#3DPNSpeakerCover "High Fidelity" 3d model
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0 Likes3 DownloadsApril 2, 2021

"High Fidelity" Speaker Cover with NO embossing

This is the non-embossed version of the 3DPN Speaker Cover for the #3DPNSpeakerCover contest.

Link to the embossed 3DPN edition:

The goal I tried to reach is to combine both elegant curves and straight lines into one design, which is quite a contrast pair on itself. The curves represent sound waves coming from the speaker meanwhile the hexagon pattern should provide a futuristic touch. The amplitude of the waves is modeled based on the golden ratio which I was quite happy to experiment with. However the wavy design on itself would probably impede the sound quality, rathen than enhance it, so the hexagonal pattern ensures that enough air (and therefore sound) is comming through the speaker cover.

Here are some specs about the design:

  • this design is suited primarly for the "SEAS H1456-08 ER18RNX" speaker but can also be used for any other which fits the hole dimensions and spacing
  • Outer circle diameter: 178 mm
  • Inner circle diameter: 154 mm
  • 6 Holes equally spaced on a 166 mm diameter circle
  • each hole has an offset of 8 mm to the lower rim of the big circle
  • each hole is 5 mm in diameter all the way through and 9 mm in d from the top
  • the screw would hold the speaker cover on a 5 mm recess inside the hole

Stay safe everybody and keep on making!

0 Likes3 DownloadsApril 2, 2021

0 Likes3 DownloadsApril 2, 2021