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FLEXI Fairy Doll + Mini + Tiny EARLY ACCESS

FLEXI Fairy Doll + Mini + Tiny EARLY ACCESS

Hey everyone!

I am SO EXCITED for this month's flexi community suggestions vote winner! The flexi fairy! I worked so hard getting to where I was really happy with these babies and I'm just obsessed with how they turned out!

These fairies have THREE (technically four) different versions for y'all, depending on your preference for complexity and sizing! Usually I do 2 variations, but because I'm extra, I couldn't help but give y'all a few more options lol.

The large fairy doll has some assembly required! Her arms, legs, wings, and head all attach onto the main body (video of assembly attached). This allows her to have more complex movement AND allow y'all to scale her up and down with better variability! The wings may be a tad lose but you can scale them up 1% or add a dab of glue for a better fit, depending on your printer and filament tolerances!
The 2nd variation of the large fairy doll is a 'naked' version without sculpted clothing on, so you can dress her up however you want! One of the fun things about these dolls, as shown in the photos, is that they fit in standard barbie clothing! So you can dress her up however you like! They don't fit into barbie shoes and their legs aren't quite as long so full length Barbie dresses are a bit long, so shorter dresses and skirts are best. I had a BLAST buying and trying on tons of different outfits for her!

The mini fairy has a lot of similar but slightly less complex articulation as the large doll, but is all print in place EXCEPT the wings which print separately and then can be glued into the slot in her back.

The tiny fairy is ENTIRELY print in place, no assembly, and as you can see in the photos, can be done pretty darn teeny! She also has options with a keychain loop in her head.

All fairies have a colored 3MF version included.

Print recs:
2-3 walls
5-15% infill
No supports
Have all been tested down to 70%
Use a brim if you have adhesion issues.

Filament used is Hatchbox beige, eSUN light brown, black, and Amolen Shiny Multicolor Kingfisher Rainbow

Included in the Flexi and Deluxe seller tiers.

I hope y'all like them as much as I do! I already have more fantasy humanoids in the works <3

Thanks so much for all your support <3

  • Kek