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FLEXI Cerberus + Baby Keychain EARLY ACCESS

FLEXI Cerberus + Baby Keychain EARLY ACCESS

Hey everyone,

New flexi winning vote of this month! The flexi cerberus :). I had such a fun time with this guy! He has 3 interchangeable heads so you can customize how you want your cerberus to look! And of course, matching cerberus babies to go with it! Since the babies don't have interchangeable heads, you got 4 different variations to choose from, the mixed heads, all wolfy heads, all skull heads, or all rottie/mastiff heads!

Print recs:
2-3 walls
5-15% infill
No supports
For the detached adult heads use an outer AND inner brim to support the internal pieces on the plate.

Multicolor Bambu 3MF files included, as well as keychain and non-keychain versions of the baby Cerberuses.

Filament is eSUN black, cool white, and red.

I hope y'all love them!

Thanks so much for all your support <3

  • Kek