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June Release Preview: PRIDE and New Models!

June Release Preview: PRIDE and New Models!

June is my birthday month (28th!), and I wanted to do a charity initiative to celebrate! So this month's FREE model is specifically designed to celebrate Pride Month and support members of the LGBTQIA+ community!

This month's free download is the Rainbow Live Long Keychain!!!

Rainbow Live Long Keychain.jpgHow it works:

This month, every download helps support donations to LGBTQ+ non-profits. Be sure to download the models as every one increases the amount donated :)

Also, in a wonderful move, Thangs itself will also match all subscriptions purchased, at 50% of the subscription purchase price! So, for example:

  • If you subscribe for $10 a month, Thangs will match $5!
  • If you subscribe to a Commercial Plan for $40 a month, Thangs will match that $20!

Several characters I have played would LOVE this, I know it ;) Help me support some amazing charities and celebrate my birth! Yay summer, yay Pride!

Now, onto the Model Lineup for June!

Tinkerballa Thumbnail copy.jpgShe's a kick-ass girl with a bow. And that's all you need to know. Jerk.

Tinkerballa is terse, private and deadly. Download here

Zaboo Thumbnail copy.jpg"ZABOOOOOOOO! "Yes, Zaboo loves to yell his name out when he attacks. Super annoying. But this Warlock's heart is so innocent and pure, you try not to say anything about it. Ugh. Download here

Thumbnail_RingEarrings2_1200x1464 copy.jpg

Thumbnail_RingEarrings_1200x1464 copy.jpgWant an earring that can go from casual to red carpet? Here it is! These spirals are dazzling and sure to catch the eye of everyone who sees them. And when you drop that you printed them yourself? Be prepared to be the star of the party. ;) Download Here

Thumbnail_AstrologyNecklaceLeo3_1200x1464 copy.jpg

Thumbnail_AstrologyNecklaceGemini2_1200x1464 copy.jpg

Thumbnail_AstrologyNecklaceVirgo_1200x1464 copy.jpg

Thumbnail_AstrologyNecklaceLibra_1200x1464 copy.jpg

cancer%20new copy.jpgYou asked for this and we delivered :) Kaizen3D Prints and Cara Curley have helped us add even more astrology pendants to the Felicia Day 3D lineup and they are STUNNING as ever. View them all on my Thangs Page.

Rainbow Live Long Keychain.jpgAnd of course, the Rainbow Live Long Keychain. WHICH IS FREE AND EVERY DOWNLOAD HELPS A CHARITY! Help support some good causes this month with a click! :)

Thank you again 3D Printing community for such a warm welcome! I'm so happy to be here and create and collaborate together! <3