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July Release: The Guild Anniversary, Bling Rings, Welcome Packs, and more!

July Release: The Guild Anniversary, Bling Rings, Welcome Packs, and more!

Guild_Lineup_Render.pngHey everyone!

Felicia is working on a secret project (it is something VERY COOL coming soon!), but from the team here at Felicia Day 3D, Welcome to our June Release!

With the Anniversary of The Guild, we're excited to release the full lineup now available below:

New Miniature Arrivals

Clara from The Guild

by FeliciaDay3D

Bladezz from the Guild

by FeliciaDay3D

All Miniatures

  • To use the included nameplate base, print the "Based" STL
  • If you want to attach your own base, print the "Unbased" STL
  • Resin printers should use the LYS Pre-Supported files

Guild_Lineup_Render.pngFind all of The Guild Miniatures now on Thangs!

New Jewelry Arrivals

Bling Ring

by FeliciaDay3D

The Bling Ring comes in multiple ring sizes and shapes and colors. So much care and research & development went into these designs by Kaizen3DPrints.

Members can replicate these different styles by following the print instructions in the download!

New Toys in June and July

Free Download: Squirrel with a Nut!

by FeliciaDay3D

Sugar Glider Keychain

by FeliciaDay3D

Sugar Glider Fidget Toy

by FeliciaDay3D

Designed by husband and wife duo, Built Over Bot, these models are favorites of kids all over the world and it's easy to see why :) An easy, adorable print that will bring joy to your home!

New Collaborations Coming Soon...

Similar to previous months, you can use your downloads for this month, and any new model drops released mid-month will be added to the Welcome Pack!

New Members welcome pack models now include the following:

Thank you again for everyone who has checked out the project! Stay tuned for later this month for more amazing The Guild Anniversary models and also a secret surprise model!!!

Thank you!!!

Felicia Day 3D