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New File Alert! Helldivers 2 - Railgun

New File Alert! Helldivers 2 - Railgun

Good morning folks!

One more file drop I’ve been working hard on the last several days.

New meta? No problem with your own Helldivers 2 Railgun!

This features a removable magazine using 8 - 10x3mm magnets to secure it in place and 1/4” dowels for the barrels to add strength.

This print is no joke, it’s very from heavy and uses nearly 2 kgs of filament to print. Coming in a 3.5’ long, it’s an impressive tool.

The barrel coil details only fit in one way as the slots are slightly different on the top and bottom.

The top rail is a usable 20mm rail and the scope can be moved as needed.

As always, thank you for your support and SPILL OIL in Malevelon Creek.


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