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Launch of Commercial License Membership!

Launch of Commercial License Membership!


I am pleased to announce the launch of my Commercial License Membership subscription! The cost is $20/month.

For those of you that have been requesting and waiting for this, please accept my apologies for the delay! I work with numerous sponsors and collaborators, so it took a while to get licensing agreements in place.

Membership includes:

  • Access to unlimited premium models.
  • Commercial rights to sell physical prints of all models for the duration of your membership.
  • Promotional support on social media. Tag me and I’ll share and repost! You’ll find my social media links via the link below.

 Does not include sale or distribution of digital files.

 Subscribe here.

 I truly hope that these models add to the success and profitability of your 3D printing business or initiative. Please feel free to get in touch to share your success stories or any requests or ideas that you might have.