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Conor D

Google Home Chicken Mech.stl

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Google Home Chicken Mech.stl 3d model
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50 Likes186 DownloadsApril 1, 2021

Which came first the egg or the... chicken robot mechsuit. Built to fit around the Google Home Mini this suit will make you think twice before asking your smart home device how to make an omelette.

This uses geometry to isolate sound and vibrations from the surrounding surfaces, all packed into a design that will fit in any gamers room. With it's extra large and flat base this mech elevates the smart device above the table, allowing for clear audio and superior voice recognition. Out the back are two holes built to fit the google home's cables along with routing points for the wiring.

Features some small details so make sure to use a fine layer height and smart supports!


50 Likes186 DownloadsApril 1, 2021

50 Likes186 DownloadsApril 1, 2021