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Tiny Squid Release and IRL Moving Updates!

Tiny Squid Release and IRL Moving Updates!

Hi Cinders!

WELCOME TO JULY! So excited to have you all here this month!

I am starting off July by giving you another fun summer model - the Tiny Squid! After the Tiny Octo, this one HAD to be done as well!

The desert heat here has made pictures difficult, so these little guys decided to take a swim in my fountain!

For these I used ZIRO Morandi(matte) Filament! Link Below!

Hope you enjoy! More models to come!

Personal Note: We are moving at the end of July/Early August so things will be a little crazy for us. I've been working hard to get all the designs tested and ready for you, so rest assured you'll get all the models you're subscribed for!

Thank you for your support!

- Tracy

JULY 2024 Models:

Tiny Squid - RELEASED

Secret Design

Secret Design

Secret Design

Secret Design

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Thank you, Cinders, for your support!!! And Thank you to our Admin Jazzy and Test Team for all your hard work!