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Member Model Drop! Tiny Crystal and Fairy Spiders

Member Model Drop! Tiny Crystal and Fairy Spiders

Hi Everyone!!

This is a 2-pack MEMBER EXCLUSIVE for you all! - Another one!
The Tiny Crystal Spider and the Tiny Fairy Spider!

These cute spiders are little redesigns from the original Tiny Spider, and part of the Tiny Spider Collection! They are also exclusives and will not be made public.

Admin Jazzy and I made 4 MMU.3MF color files for you all to print! (please see the post pictures) There are 2 color and 4 color options for both Spiders!

I know it's been a lot of smaller designs so far this month, but I assure you the big stuff is still coming! I will not release something until I am happy with its strength and articulation. This bigger design has had a ton of time in the testing stage where it goes through multiple sizes and filament types! We are getting so close and should have it out really soon! Thank you all for being patient!

These are Print-in-place and are already very small at 100%, I do NOT recommend shrinking smaller as it will lose strength and articulation.

Filaments used: 

Crystal: MIKA3D Transparent Rainbow (wish this came on a plastic reel, but we had to re-roll to make this work in our Bambu Printer), Filamentium Gold, SUNLU Silk White, SUNLU Silk Black

Fairy: ZIRO Passionate, ZIRO Pure, SUNLU Silk White, SUNLU Silk Black


Thank you!

- Tracy

All my designs are print-in-place and require no supports. All you need is a clean bed and you're off!

Print Settings:  .2 Layer height, 15% infill, gyroid infill, no brim, and no supports. (If there are smaller parts of your print that have a hard time staying stuck to the plate, please try a brim around those parts)

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Thank you, Cinders, for your support!!! And Thank you to our Admin Jazzy and Test Team for all your hard work!