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Great Stone Dragon, Member Early Access Release!

Great Stone Dragon, Member Early Access Release!

Hi Everyone!!


Introducing the Great Stone Dragon!

Thank you all for being patient this month! This guy was in testing for SO long. I really wanted to get the ball socket for the wings to hold and the front legs stronger before releasing it.

Huge THANK YOU to Admin Jazzy and the members of the Cinderwing Test Team for all their thorough testing! It was an amazing group effort!

I have included a WINGED and WINGLESS Version! I also had a ton of fun making this crazy paint file for you all! Please see the attached pictures for an example. Hope you enjoy it! MMU .3MF INCLUDED! The MMU file is for the Winged version, I did not have time to paint the wingless one.

IMPORTANT Printing Information:

"Stoney" has been tested between sizes 60% - 100%, with many types of filament, and on several different settings.

This dragon requires good tuning from your printer. The ball sockets should work 99% of the time but if you have issues, try scaling it up or down by a percent. Understand that filaments do shrink/expand a bit and this can affect the final print

This is a matching body type to the Wraithwing Dragon, where it prints with the neck down and front legs folded. Once off the print plate: snap up the neck, adjust out the front legs, and pop in the wings for a stunning stance! Please see the pictures attached for the RIGHT direction of the wings; if you try to open them the wrong way they will not hold in place.-

Filaments used: (link below)

Multi-color: Locyfens Silk Rainbow, SUNLU Silk Black

Single Color: Silk Silver

Thank you!



All my designs are print-in-place and require no supports. All you need is a clean bed and you're off!

Print Settings:  .2 Layer height, 15% infill, gyroid infill, no brim, and no supports. (If there are smaller parts of your print that have a hard time staying stuck to the plate, please try a brim around those parts)

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Secret Design

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Thank you, Cinders, for your support!!! And Thank you to our Admin Jazzy and Test Team for all your hard work!