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New Models Dropped!

New Models Dropped!

Happy Friday! Hope all is well with you. All kinds of new models dropped today and you need to go check them out. Make sure to like and download anything that looks cool to you. The more you like, the more I know you everyone is into and helps me, make models for you!

Remember to check out our MEMBER TIERS. Maker Tier is great if you love printing for personal use and if you download more than 3 models, it is cheaper to be a member than download individually. That is savings for YOU.

MERCHANT TIER: Want to sell printed models? For only $5 extra, you get a commercial license to ALL my models. Merchant Tier also has access to some exclusive models specifically for selling. They are usually models that work well for me and I know will work well for you.

Whatever your choice, we would love to have you as part of the CL3D Printing family. Reach out and let me know what you think!

Have a GREAT weekend!

CJ from CL3D Printing