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Try out HueForge Professional for 50% off the first two months (code HFPRO3MO at checkout) and just $15.99/month after that (a 3 month commitment is required). Get full access to the power of HueForge with full Commercial Rights and any Beta releases. (There are exciting Betas coming). This is the most affordable way to start selling HueForge prints right away.

  • Looking to start selling HueForge models but don't have $100+ right now
  • Need to pay with PayPal?
  • Want to support the developer?

With HueForge Professional (Monthly) you get in the door for a low cost and can sell HueForge models here on Thangs (or elsewhere) and pay for your Membership quickly. Plus, if you have a HueForge people already want to buy, the Professional Subscription makes it easy and affordable to make money from it, while also supporting future development of HueForge. HueForge is currently available on Windows 10/11 and MacOS 11+

HueForge models are very popular on Thangs and are already being looked at by thousands of eyes every day. Your marketplace exists here. Plus you gain the benefits of Thangs flexible per-model or membership sales with taxes fully handled.

Done selling? HueForge reverts to a Personal Use license if you stop your membership. You stop getting updates, but you can pick up anytime!

Not looking for a 3 month commitment? Use HFPROTRIAL to get 50% off your first month! (2 month commitment required)

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HueForge v0.7.1 Full Release is Here!

HueForge v0.7.1 Full Release is Here!

Fortunately this Beta period was relatively uneventful and now the full release is here. The primary focus on this was a few bug fixes and a fair number of TD-1 enhancements. Including the newly released TD-1 Firmware in the TD-1/update folder and the ability to "flip" the display to run the fila

HueForge and Thangs Partner for HueForge Professional Monthly!

HueForge and Thangs Partner for HueForge Professional Monthly!

My philosophy for HueForge has always been to build the tool that I would want and price it the way I would want it to be priced. But even with aggressive pricing, especially the Personal Use and Limited Commercial levels, it is hard for many people to afford. That is before considering Professio