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Actor, writer, internet native. Always creating. Passionate about encouraging art in the world <3 Give me a follow here to keep up on all things Feliciaday3D!


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Note: Consent to sell applies only to physical models, sale or sharing of files is expressly forbidden. All rights reserved.

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June Release Preview: PRIDE and New Models!

June Release Preview: PRIDE and New Models!

June is my birthday month (28th!), and I wanted to do a charity initiative to celebrate! So this month's FREE model is specifically designed to celebrate Pride Month and support members of the LGBTQIA+ community! This month's free download is the Rainbow Live Long Keychain!!! How it works: This m

Welcome to FD3D!

Welcome to FD3D!

It's always been one of my greatest joys to figure out how to be creative in new areas by diving into them head-first. This project is no exception. When Paul, the CEO of Thangs, approached me at the beginning of the year to propose collaborating to make my own line of 3D prints for the site, I was